Cash 4 Vouchers FAQs

Q: Do you only buy the gift vouchers and gift cards listed on your site?
A: No, there will be more that we haven’t listed – please use our contact form to tell us what you have for sale and we will get back to you ASAP.
Q: How soon do you pay for the gift vouchers you buy?
A: We ask for up to two working days to check the vouchers before sending you the payment, but often it will be the same day and this is what we strive for.
Q: Why don't you send cash in the post to people who sell you their unwanted gift vouchers?
A: Because there is no insurance on cash in the post and we don’t believe it is fair to expect you, the individual, to bear that risk.
Q: I would rather bring my vouchers to you to sell them in person - can I do this?
A: Yes, by all means, but please bring two forms of ID with you such as a passport and utility bill
Q: If I sell to you in person will you pay cash then?
A: Yes we can, but we will need to know you are coming to ensure we have the cash available, and would also need up to two hours before making the payment as we need to verify the gift vouchers or gift cards we are buying from you.
Q: My voucher has less than 30 days left to run - will you still buy it?
A: Sadly we cannot buy gift vouchers or gift cards that expire in under 30 days.
Q: I have a gift card and I'm not sure how long is left to run on it - can you help me?
A: Go to the retailer’s website and check it there by entering the voucher number, if you get stuck please contact us using the contact form
Q: I'm not comfortable sending my unwanted gift vouchers in the post - do you have any advice?
A: Please read our instructions for sending us your unwanted gift vouchers and unwanted gift cards – we give details of how to ensure you are covered if they go astray in the post. Click here for mailing instructions. Alternatively please arrange to sell them to us in person (but don’t forget your ID).
Q: Do you buy anything else, other than gift cards and gift vouchers?
A: Yes, we sometimes buy credit notes, but please contact us first giving all the details using our contact form.
Q: I would rather you paid my money to my favourite charity - can you do this for me?
A: Of course we can – just put a note in to that effect with your gift voucher or gift card when you send it to us.
Q: Don't the retailers mind you buying and selling their gift vouchers and gift cards?
A: We imagine they do – in 2011 (according to The Guardian Newspaper) there were £580m worth of gift vouchers going to waste in people’s drawers. This is free money for the retailers if the vouchers are never redeemed. Don’t let yours go to waste – sell us your unwanted gift cards and gift vouchers now, before they expire.